Change of ownership

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With effect from 1st Feb Hang Around is now under new ownership.

After nearly 25years Annabel has decided to pass on her Morso and mount cutter to Jo who has worked for her behind the scenes in the workshop for over 7 years. Jo is taking on the whole business –  website, framing and the shop space at Great Grooms Antique Centre in Hungerford- and will be based in her newly converted garage/workshop in Wherwell, Hampshire.

Katherine will be continuing with Hang Around too; having worked with Annabel for 12years, she will be able to use her experience to help Jo and between them ensure a smooth transition and the continuation of the high standards in framing and customer service we hope you have come to expect from Hang Around.

While the equipment is set up and Jo is sorting out the stock in her new workshop, there may be a slight delay in attending to emails and internet orders, so please bear with us. We will do our utmost to accommodate you  and will look forward to welcoming you to the new “Hang Around” when it is relaunched in the next few weeks.

Book review

Hang Around’s August BOOK REVIEW – “Silence will Speak” by Errol Trzebinski

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By Errol Trzebinski

Many of you will be familiar with the Hollywood film “Out of Africa” about the love affair between Denys Finch Hatton and Karen Blixen in the early years  of the 20th Century. This book, which was a major source for the screenplay, seeks to reveal more about the life of Denys from his early years growing up as the adored son of the Earl of Winchilsea , his school days at Eton followed by time at Oxford before his life in Kenya as a great game hunter and guide for the wealthy and famous of the 1920’s. It is a very detailed book with in depth research revealing a complicated man who inspired great loyalty and love from friends and family but who always kept himself slightly aloof . The second half of the book focuses on his relationship with Karen Blixen and using much of her writings, tells of their affair and his passion for Africa, its wildlife and his love of flying.

It is a fascinating book about a fascinating time and helps to shed light on a brave and unusual man. If you liked “Out of Africa” & “West With The Night”, this is a nice companion piece  and offers a detailed biography of Denys Finch Hatton.





Denys spent his school years at Eton

Eton Eto1L


He went on to study at Brasenose College Oxford

Brasenose Ox Plan


He had a real passion for flying


Sea Hawk Plane Mil S18


And a great love and concern for the wildlife in Africa.

We are fortunate to have a few original watercolours by Sue Peake still available, featuring African animals ( Zebras, Giraffes and Elephant)

Book review Website

Hang Around’s JULY “BOOK CLUB “

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“The Riviera Set” by Mary S Lovell

If they had taught this sort of history when I was at school, I would have been top of the class.

This is a fascinating book covering the first 50 years of the 20th century  based on the Chateau de l’Horizon a beautiful Art Deco villa on the Cote d’Azur.

Mary Lovell’s research  is very thorough and she picks up on such interesting facts and then expands on them. It was compelling to read how  Maxine Elliot, a beautiful American girl from a very hard background became a highly successful actress through pure drive and determination. She then went on to become a figure of the highest stature in British Society, running the best “must go to” parties with the most influential of guests hosted in the perfect setting of her villa in the South of France.


Old print of 1900’s Map of France


Old print of 1900’s Map of United States of America by J Rapkin


It is the detail of her life and friends which is of such interest. It was illuminating to read about another side to Winston Churchill (one of her greatest friends) to the one we are already so familiar with. Including his school days at Harrow

1940’s print of Harrow Har4L

And his time in the Army with the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars 

1940’s print by E C Talbot Booth  Hussars Mil TB3L


Learning about the Aga Khan & his sad relationship with his son  and the close bond they generated through their passion for horseracing

1970’s repro of an old print by Snaffles  Rac S4L

1950’s print by Wesley Dennis  Rac D1


Elsie de Wolfe was also a fascinating character, famed for her interior design prowess  and her routine of standing on her head every morning, even at the age of 82; throw in the Duke & Duchess of Windsor and many Hollywood stars and who needs fiction….!!

Book review

Hang Around “BOOK CLUB”

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We at Hang Around love reading our books and spend many a happy hour discussing them while we frame, so we thought we would start sharing our books with all our customers, so here goes….

“A Place called Winter” by Patrick Gale

This is an emotional book stemming from the problems of being gay in the early 1900’s. It is the first book I have read about a gay relationship and it was very emotional going through all the trials and tribulations they encountered, not only with their relationships, but with events of the time including the First World War .

From Harry’s privileged childhood in London to the wilds of the settler town of Winter in Canada, this book weaves a compelling narrative, loosely based on the author’s  family  . It tells of Harry setting up a farm in Canada, battling with virgin soil, a harsh climate and all with very basic farming equipment. The Story outlined the  brutality of the  life people were having to endure and the horror of the flu epidemic as well as being a tender love story. A very interesting and informative read.

A print of an old 1800’s map of North America by J Rapkin

North America

A print of an 1830’s map of London by Thomas Moule


London (little)


Harry spent his school years at Harrow (we have  a large selection of old prints of this & other public schools)

Harrow 1862 - Harr 11L

Harrow 1862 – Harr 11L


He spent long hours  working the land  & ploughing , perhaps similar to this 1940’s print by KF Barker

Hor B3L

Hor B3L Ploughing

The extreme cold weather required layers of heavy clothing as depicted in this old military print by Major Seccombe from 1870’s

Uniform Maj Seccombe

Canadian Uniform Maj Seccombe


And many men from the country headed over to fight in Europe as depicted in this 1980’s reproduction of an old print by Snaffles

Mil S9 Canadian

Mil S9 Canadian




For more information  about Patrick Gale and  his work  .


End of term and Graduation Gifts

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University Collage


Its that time of year when children leave school and students graduate, so to commemorate these landmark occasions, here at Hang Around we stock a great collection of old School prints and old University prints and original 1920’s/30’s Wills cigarette cards featuring the coat of arms or in the School collection, the old school ties,which make wonderful presents; especially when the two are combined and framed together.

Southern Sch & Uni cig cards

Featured here Eastbourne College, Christ’s Hospital ,Lancing Old Boys and Oxford University

The individual cards fit either a 6×4 or a 5×7 frame and make perfect “thank you” gifts for members of staff/ house masters/mistresses or for the school leavers and graduation students themselves. Prices range from £12 – £14 mounted or £20 – £24 framed.

We also stock a wide selection of old prints of universities, available mounted or framed, including the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge

Oriel Oxford Lf

Oriel College  Oxford  Framed £42


Queens Coll Camb L

Queens College Camb  Framed £40



Bristol University  £ 17


Also stocked, a collection of prints of many of the old public schools


Amp 4

Ampleforth  £16



Wellington 1882 L

Wellington college  1882 £15

Old cigarette cards can also be combined, as shown here ( please contact me for further details/ information)

Chartehouse Wills cards

Chartehouse Wills Cigarette cards

Or what about the signed school tie? Rather than leaving it balled up in the back of a drawer after the euphoria of the last day, why not send it to us and we can preserve it for posterity, mounted on silk and framed with school colours it can become a stylish keepsake. The same can be done for school badges, sports’ colours and other memorabilia.

School Tie

As well as old prints of the University buildings, including all the Colleges of Oxford & Cambridge, and some 1950’s College plans, we also stock a selection of prints of 1800’s maps of some of the University towns which have also proved very popular as graduation gifts.

Northern City Maps

Maps of Liverpool, Nottingham and York. (£22 mounted or £48 framed)

Of course we can also frame the photographs of the graduation students themselves and their certificates etc.

Luke & Tessa grads

Graduation Photographs

For more information on prints available, prices and to discuss any of your framing choices , please do contact me on :



Horses Prints Website

Equestrian prints

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Equestrian prints are one of the stalwarts of our collection and with Spring starting today , it seems a perfect time to showcase some of our gorgeous old prints.

Hor E3aL

Hor E3aL


Both Lionel Edwards and “Snaffles” are  favourites and capture the thrill of horse racing, point to pointing and hunting; their prints from 1920/30’s ( Snaffles’ prints are 1970’s repros) are available unframed or can be framed  to suit you.

Hunt E9L

Hunt E9L

Rac S29L

Rac S29L



1930’s prints by KF Barker show the more domestic side of the horse world


Hor B17L

Hor B17L

Hor B15L

Hor B15L

Wesley Dennis’ prints from 1950’s offer a wide selection of equestrian scenes including dressage and hunting

Hor WD8L

Hor WD8L


Hunt WD1L

Hunt WD1L

KF Barker also depicted the excitement of Polo



As did Maurice Tulloch whose 1930’s prints offer a classic set of polo scenes.



And if you would like an original watercolour to grace your walls, we have a very limited selection of  fabulous Sue Peake paintings, prices start at £90 (please contact me direct)

SP 949        SP Polo player       Sue Peake Horses sketch

Do check out the website for more lovely old prints, and please remember if you have prints or pictures of your own that you would like us to frame, we offer a great postal framing service and will be delighted to discuss your needs.


Fairs Firescreens Specialist Framing Website

How do I find a bespoke Firescreen?

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Firescreen j&R2

If you are looking for a firescreen, custom made to fit your fireplace or wood burner, in the fabric of your choice , then you have come to the right place!
Here at Hang Around we pride ourselves on our customer service and trying to satisfy all out clients framing needs and as firescreens are often hard to find we like to offer this bespoke service. Whether you have a beautiful tapestry or a piece of fabric to compliment your soft furnishings (or you need us to source fabric for you), then we can turn it into a firescreen.

We have recently been commissioned to make a firescreen for a client, we were able to source the material ourselves acting on a specific brief regarding colour, design and size.

Firescreen: Cutting fabric  cutting the fabric,

attaching the feet,     Firescreen: attaching feet

securing the back   Firescreen : the back

the finished firescreen    Bird firescreen


Once we had found the right choice we made the firescreen up and owing to a happy circumstance on this occasion, we were even able to deliver the screen personally and welcomed the opportunity to see it in situ.

 Firescreen: In situ

“We are absolutely delighted with our firescreen.  It really looks perfect.
 The colours blend in beautifully with the rest of the room and the
 birds are just right. Thank you so much.” 

We are more than happy to post the finished firescreen to you, with extra bubble wrap so it arrives safely via courier.

If you are looking for the perfect disguise for your fireplace or wood burner, do please get in touch and we will be delighted to assist you.

We also have a selection of ready made firescreens, priced from £90+

Racing Firescreen       Hunting firescreen2


Dogs Gifts Prints Website


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cecil aldin dogs

A special November offer – 15% off all dog prints

As a special deal we are offering 15% off all dog prints for the month of November, giving you the ideal opportunity to purchase some delightful old prints for the dog lovers on your Christmas list.

Old dog prints form one of the main foundations of the Hang Around Collection, featuring such renowned artists as Cecil Aldin, KF Barker and Lucy Dawson & Lionel Edwards.

Dax A1L

Wire haired Dachshund by Cecil Aldin, shown here framed in option E

Great Dane Gr D B3

Harlequin Great Dane by KF Barker

Retriever Ret D1

Retriever head with pheasant by Lucy Dawson


Hounds by Lionel Edwards

Each artist manages to  capture the endearing qualities of individuals from a variety of  breeds and the prints date from 1920’s -40’s; Bridget Olerenshaw’s  1960’s prints which also feature in the collection show a more definitive depiction of dog breeds.

Pug Pug O1b

Pugs by Bridget Olerenshaw

 All our prints come mounted in acid free mount board to help preserve their longevity and presented in clear poly bags with a brief history of the Artist’s life included. We offer a fabulous framing service too, choices can be found on the website:

HA framing choices at GG

or if you have a specific requirement we can offer a more bespoke framing service; framed pictures can be sent to you or the recipient if they are bought as a gift.

We hope you will find the perfect print for you and with a lovely pre-Christmas 15% discount, now is the ideal time to buy.

For further information and any other assistance, please contact or telephone 01980 846697

Gifts Prints UNIVERSITIES Website


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University Collage

Special offer for OCTOBER we are giving a 15% discount on all University prints

We have an extensive collection of old prints of Universities and this month to celebrate the beginning of term for some students and as gift ideas for alumni we are offering 15% off all prints.

We feature old prints of all the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge, from All Souls ,Oxford to Trinity, Cambridge


All Souls College Oxford from 1920’s Pen & Ink drawing by EH New £18


1960’s repro of 19th Century print of Trinity Cambridge £22

And also other well established universities like Birmingham,shown here framed with a Wills collectors card of the university arms (prices start at £49 for a similar combination)

Birmingham uni print & cig card

and St Andrews


1948 print of the University of St Andrews, Scotland from J Slezer’s engraving 1693 £16

The selection of original 1920’s Wills cigarette cards featuring the  university and college crests are not available on the website at present, but if you are interested in a particular one do please contact us  and we’ll be happy to help you or you could visit Great Grooms Antique Centre in Hungerford where we have a good collection .


(They are priced at £14 and will fit a standard 5 x 7″ frame)

University college plans are another popular and unusual option as a momento of University life. Published by H M Stationary Office in the 1950s they featured the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge

Jesus College Camb Plan

Jesus College Cambridge £28

All our prints can be purchased mounted or framed from our website but if you have any special requirements do please contact the workshop , Tel : 01980 846697 or email

Happy Shopping!







Custom Framing Gifts Prints


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Map Collage


15% off Maps at Hang Around for September


Hang Around is offering 15% off any maps on the website, framed or unframed or bought in the workshop for the month of September.With holidays and travels at the forefront of our minds, you might like to purchase one of our maps to remind you of those lovely places you have visited.


Western Australia L

Western Australia

The maps we sell are 1980’s repros of 19th Century maps mainly by Thomas Moule and John Rapkin. Beautifully decorative with delightful vignettes, the collection includes  all the old counties of England from Cornwall to Northumberland , Kent & Yorkshire, several cities  including London and many of the major county towns which often cover the universities too , plus many countries of the world.

Cornwall L



London (large pink)



West Indies L

West Indies 

Maps make great presents for new house buyers, big birthdays, his and her county maps for wedding gifts, gap year returnees, university city maps for graduates. Their scope is endless.


Newcastle upon Tyne L

Newcastle upon Tyne 

There is also 15% off any maps you wish to have framed by Hang Around. Take advantage of our bespoke framing service and transform your old maps with smart new frames and fresh mounts with the option of  a contrasting “inner” to draw in the eye and enhance the picture.



british Empire Map

British Empire Map


Tedworth park map

Tedworth Park map

Go to to view the selection and make your purchase or call 01980 846697/07816 884063 and we would be delighted to help you further.